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  • David Chadwick

Davidisms: Practice Doesn't Make Perfect. Perfect Practice makes Perfect.

Have you ever heard the adage, “Practice makes perfect?” Many of us have.

But it’s not true. Here’s what is correct: Perfect practice makes perfect!

This quote came from my son’s high school coach, Jerry Faulkner. Most people tend to say, “Practice makes perfect.” That’s true in one sense. But if your habits are wrongly and repeatedly practiced, then your results won’t be perfect.

The apostle Paul told fellow believers to imitate him as he imitated Jesus (1 Corinthians 11:1). Every day, Paul practiced the right habits of the heart. Thus, every day, he became more and more conformed to the image of Jesus (Romans 8:29) - God’s goal for all of us. And then Paul asked his disciples to follow him, as he faithfully followed Jesus.

How we choose to live our lives each day will - over the course of our lives - make us into who we are. So make sure you are practicing following Jesus! As perfectly as you know how.

Then you will look and live like him - his desire for all his disciples.

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