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Davidisms - Pray Your Day

How do you start your day?

Here’s a suggestion: Pray. At the beginning of each day, lay your day before the Lord.

More specifically, pray your day. Pray over each appointment, each chore, each responsibility, each meeting.

Pray over every encounter you may have with others. Pray you will have the opportunity to share the Lord. Give a moment of hope to someone. Share a word of encouragement. Find a way to serve another.

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it!” (Psalm 118:24).

It's not our day to be served, it's God's day - made for us to serve him and others. When we seek the Lord in prayer each day, he will show us where we should go and who and how we can love others well.

We are merely servants of the Most High God, here to give hope - each day we are here on earth - to someone who needs a loving touch or word.

Pray your day.

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