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Davidisms - Purpose

Purpose. Christmas is about God in flesh coming to earth to join us. He did so for many reasons. One of those reasons was to demonstrate how abundantly and deeply he loves us. But here’s another one: To show us he has a plan for every human life. Mine. Yours. And everybody else’s. Jesus had a purpose, too: “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost” (Luke 19:10). Jesus came to this world from heaven to seek and to save us. God had a call and purpose in the life of the prophet Jeremiah while he was still in his mother’s womb (Jer. 1:5). The same was true for the apostle Paul (Gal. 2:15). And it’s true for you as well. You’re not here on this earth by whim or fancy. By fiat or mistake. You’re here for a purpose from God that only you can accomplish. A call God has solely for you to do. Spend some time this Christmas asking God what his plan for you may be. He has a plan for you, one filled with a future and hope (Jer. 29:11). Now find your purpose for God's purposes!

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