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Davidisms - The Proof You're Standing for Truth

Have you noticed we are living in a polarized culture?

Jesus said to beware when all people speak well of you (Luke 6:26). What he’s suggesting is that if everybody is speaking well of you, you’re probably not taking a strong stand for him, and for truth.

Truth by its very definition is exclusive. When you speak the truth - especially from God’s Word - you’re going to have some segment of society that just doesn’t like your stand for truth.

I would encourage all of us to do three things. First, know the truth of what Jesus wants us to believe. Second, be courageous and stand for that truth. And third, speak the truth in love (Eph. 4:15)

If you are called to follow Jesus, you are called to courage. One cannot go without the other.

Don’t be tepid. Luke-warm. Never taking a stand for anything. It’s contrary to faithfully following Jesus.

When you made the decision to be committed to Jesus, you heeded the call to be courageous.

And the criticism you will inevitably receive from some?

It just may be the proof you’re standing for truth.

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