• David Chadwick

Davidisms: The Root of the Word "Crisis" - Opportunity and Decision

Catastrophe. Calamity. Crisis.

Although these words look like synonyms at first glance, crisis is actually very different.

The word “crisis” comes from ancient Greek roots meaning decision. Opportunity. Turning point. Therefore, think of a crisis as a moment in which you get to decide to take a different direction.

Many of us have crises occur throughout our lives. It’s a matter of when - not if - they occur, for tribulations come to all, including followers of Jesus (John 16:33). So when the inevitable crisis occurs, what are we to do?

First, you have a decision to make. Do you stay where you are? Or move in a different direction? Do you remain stuck? Or find another place to serve God?

Use your crisis for positive gain! For careful examination. As an opportunity. To ensure your decisions are serving the Lord instead of man (Joshua 24:15).

And if you are presently in a crisis, don’t despair, but always remember the following truth.

The crisis you are in could very well be God’s opportunity for something much better.

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