• David Chadwick

Davidisms - Theological Debates Are for People with Full Stomachs

Debates involving opposing viewpoints are a healthy part of a democratic society. But there are certain theological debates that simply won’t be settled until Jesus returns.

What should we do when sincere Christians disagree on theological concerns?

Give those issues to God. Knowing they won’t be explained until heaven.

And yes, it is imperative that Christians learn sound doctrine (Titus 2:1). To have agreement on the essentials of the faith. However, the nonessentials of the faith can be held loosely. And not be furiously debated.

But do make sure you always love one another. That command can’t be debated for Jesus’s followers (John 13:34).

And always serve the poor. Those who are hungry. Needy. Thirsty. Those in prison (Matt. 25:40). Love them as well. It’s part of the work that God has for his children.

So, stop debating nonessential theological conundrums that won’t be solved until Jesus returns. Instead, love one another. Serve the underserved.

These two things will give you a lifetime’s worth of work to do.

Because theological debates are for people with full stomachs.

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