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Davidisms: True Success

How do you define and measure true success?

In my opinion, true success is doing the best you can with what you have. Period. It’s not defined in comparison with what others are doing or have accomplished. But what you have done with what God has given you.

I’ll never forget something my college basketball coach, Dean Smith, wished for one year. He wanted the “Coach of the Year” award to be given to the coach of a team that lost 20 games - and won only ten! But that coach had done the most with what he had on his team.

Coach Smith believed that that was the coach who experienced true success. He did an extraordinary job with mediocre talent. Which is far more difficult than consistently winning with exceptionally talented players!

When you stand before Jesus one day, all he will desire is for you to have done your best with the talents he gave you (Matthew 25:14-30). This is God’s definition of true success.

God will never compare your success to another’s.

And neither should you.

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