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Davidisms - Visit Mount Calvary

As October comes to a close, we want to end our journey through the mountains in the Bible with a visit to Mount Calvary.

Mount Calvary is where Jesus was crucified in Matthew 27:33. The word Calvary in Greek and the word Golgotha in Hebrew both mean “place of the skull; a rock/mountain that looks like a skull.”

This is the mountain where Jesus gave his life so we could live forever. Where he died in our place so that we could have eternal life. Where the Father poured out his wrath on his Son instead of on us (1 John 4:10).

When the world feels increasingly uncertain, the unchanging love, grace, and mercy of Jesus provides rest and security. This world is not our home. Mount Calvary reminds us that the promises of God for an eternal hope and future are available to those who choose to follow him.

Go to this mountain and experience the grace and mercy of God. The forgiveness of your sins.

We must remember the truths of this mountain every single day of our lives.

Forever loved.

Forever forgiven.

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