• David Chadwick

Davidisms - Visit the Temple Mount

Exploring the mountains brings such a perspective of God’s beauty and majesty. So does exploring the mountains in the Bible!

Let’s go to the Temple Mount. This is where the Temple was built the first two times. Currently, it no longer exists, but one day will be rebuilt before Jesus returns (Ezekiel 37:28).

The Dome of the Rock, the Muslim’s third holiest site sits where the Temple had been built the two previous times. How will the third Temple be rebuilt there without setting off a war? No one actually knows.

But it must be rebuilt before Jesus returns.

The Antichrist will go into it and declare he is God in the End Times. Then he will be brought to justice and defeated.

Go to this mountain and look for End Times prophecies. Take note of what you see. There is a movement today to rebuild the third Temple. Much of the plans needed for this to happen are already in place.

As you begin to see them be fulfilled, look upward.

Be ready for the return of our King Jesus!

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