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Davidisms: You Criticize in Others What You Most Hate in Yourself

Do you find that you are more bent toward criticism or encouragement?

If you are a critical person, stop and realize that you just may be criticizing in others what you most hate within yourself.

It’s another great teaching from my dad. A great caution he gave me during my teen years.

That’s why Jesus taught us to not judge others. The one finger we are pointing at others prevents us from seeing the other three pointing back at us (Matthew 7:1-4). Fingers of hypocrisy. Self-righteousness. Blame.

Remove the giant log in your own eye before you seek to take out the tiny speck in another’s eye. For it’s then - when we pause to realize our own shortcomings - that we are rightly primed to express helpful, sincere and contemplative concern for others.

And always remember that your criticism of others may reflect what you most hate in yourself.

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