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Davidisms - You're His Father, Not His Coach

If your child plays sports, please remind yourself of this important reality: You’re his father, not his coach. I learned this the hard way with my own kids. All three of my kids were athletes. As was I. So after my kids’ games, I found myself analyzing what they did right. Wrong. Or what they could have done better. Finally, I came to my senses. I realized that the last thing they needed from me was hearing how they might have performed better. What they needed most was a dad. Not a coach. They needed to be reminded that my love for them was not based on their performance, but simply because I loved them. So, after the games, I began asking my children only one question: “How are you doing?”. I wanted to check on their hearts. To make sure that they were okay. If your desire as a parent is a stellar athletic performance from your child, you will provoke your kids to anger and rebellion. That’s why dads are told not to do this (Eph. 6:4). Kids will realize that you’re attempting to live vicariously through them. Instead - in those moments - be a father. And a friend. Always remembering that you’re their dad, not their coach.

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