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  • David Chadwick

Elijah Drinks

When God wanted to help Elijah overcome his anxiety and depression, the first thing he did was prescribe sleep.  After Elijah had slept for a while, an angel awakened him and fed him healthy food.  He then gave Elijah water to drink.

The angel knew the human body is comprised mostly of water, which evaporates and is eliminated throughout the day.  Therefore, the human body needs water – lots of it.  Water is also essential for proper blood flow in the body.

Most health specialists suggest we drink eight glasses of water a day, using an eight-ounce cup.  They say it’s one of the best ways to maintain a strong, healthy body and fight potential depression and anxiety.

We also need to monitor the amount of carbonated and caffeinated drinks we ingest.  And while alcoholic beverages may seem to temporarily calm fear, they actually exacerbate the problem and cause anxiety and depression to worsen.  Water should be the main thing we drink throughout the day.

As COVID-19 persists, we must remember that we can’t separate the needs of our physical body from good mental health.  To do so makes us a gnostic.  As faithful followers of Jesus, we must care for our bodies, and remember that our human bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14).

Elijah took care of his human body.  After he was properly hydrated and nourished, he went to sleep again.  And the angel of the Lord came to him a second time and awakened him.  Then Elijah ate and drank water again.

God still had work for Elijah to do here on earth.  That’s why the angel made Elijah repeat what he had done.  After rest and nourishment, Elijah’s soul was restored!  He reclaimed his call to proclaim God’s truth.  He “went in strength of that forty days and nights to Horeb, the mount of God” (1 Kings 19:8).  Mount Horeb is another name for Sinai, which is where God gave the Ten Commandments to Israel. 

We see no record in Scripture that Elijah ever had another bout with anxiety or depression.  Perhaps this experience taught him the importance of sleeping, eating, and drinking lots of water.  Maybe he started to observe these disciplines with greater care.

Let’s follow Elijah’s example.  He demonstrated how interconnected the body, soul, and spirit truly are.  Use this time of social distancing to replenish and nourish your body.  To rejuvenate.  Refresh.  Thrive.

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