• David Chadwick

God Sings Over Us

Did you know God is singing over us all?   In Zephaniah 3:17, we read this promise made to the Jews while they were still in captivity, before their return to the promised land: “The Lord your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save…he will exult over you with loud singing."  God told his people he would reign over them with singing! How can God sing over us when we are in a difficult place?  Because that’s how much he loves us.  And because he knows that all is in his hands.  Everything.  Nothing is outside his control.  His perfect love for us includes his perfect oversight in our lives.  God is harmonizing the melodies of our lives for our good and his glory. Picture a mother singing over her child.  The familiarity of the mother’s voice lulls the child to sleep.  The mother continues to sing blessings over her child through this intimate expression of love.  Her voice is filled with tender affection.  Our heavenly Father sings songs over us too.  He sings them incessantly, songs of his love for us, his children. Imagine a spouse singing over his or her beloved. The sweetness of love is captured in the book of Song of Songs. You can “hear” the symphonic melodies of love in the air. Singing over your beloved is a way of expressing love like no other time. God sings over us, his children whom he loves. We should sing over those whom we love too. The psalms are passionate and vivid songs, written to be sung.  Many of which declare God’s power and sovereignty over our lives.  Psalm 46 is a celebration of fearless trust in God.  The Lord says, “Be still and know that I am God” (10).  Hear these words as lyrics.  Imagine God singing his words over you. Search the psalms for other truths, those that seem written just for you.  Then sing the psalm aloud.  Imagine God singing the same words over you.  Listen to his song.  The melody.  The refrain.  Imagine the heavenly choir joining him.  Can you hear God singing over you right now?  Listen carefully.  He is.  It is a song of joy over his purposes for you being fulfilled.  Feel encouraged!  Hear his song and worry will flee!  Fear will abate! God sings over us all day long.  It’s a deep, rich love song from his heart to ours.  His songs of perfect oversight and perfect peace.  Use his songs to sing your anxiety away. 

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