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Hidden Signs of Jesus' Return: Predatory Birds on the Temple Mount

Our Hidden Signs of Jesus’ Return series has been inspired by “End Times Made Easy" by Joseph Morris. He shares his perspective on the topics included in this series if you would like to explore further. We have been on a road trip together. Watching and learning about the signs of the times that point to the return of Jesus drawing nearer and nearer. Most of the time, signs are obvious and in plain sight. But sometimes, they are more subtle, almost hidden. Proverbs 25:2 says, “It is the glory of God to conceal things, but the glory of kings is to search things out.” These are more hidden signs of the time. Today is the start of Advent, which means “a coming” or “arrival.” Advent is the celebration of Jesus’ first coming. As we approach the day where we celebrate when He first came, let us also remember there will be a second Advent, a second coming. Today’s sign is the 172 predatory birds on Temple Mount. Why is this important? Ezekiel 39 states that after the war of the coalition led by Russia, Iran, Turkey, and other countries against Israel takes place, God will fight for Israel. He will miraculously deliver his people. The number of bodies killed in this war will take up to seven months to be picked up. Because of the utter devastation, I can’t help but wonder if this war may be a nuclear war. But God will aid in this process. He will have his own “clean-up crew” do the work: predatory birds. Carrion birds (Ezekiel 39:4) are these birds of prey that will help clean up after the slaughtering. Joseph Morris has found that there are currently 172 of these types of birds on the Temple Mount. Where did they come from? And could this be a hidden sign for God’s people to look up? To see that the signs of Jesus’s return are becoming clearer? If so, continue to trust. Obey. And seek God daily with all your heart.

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