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Hidden Signs of Jesus' Return: Train to Temple Mount

Our Hidden Signs of Jesus’ Return series has been inspired by “End Times Made Easy" by Joseph Morris. He shares his perspective on the topics included in this series if you would like to explore further. We have been on a road trip, learning to read the signs of the times. These next signs we are looking for are more of a treasure hunt than a road trip. They are more hidden, less obvious signs that point to Jesus’ coming return. The train from Tel Aviv airport to the Temple Mount is our next hidden sign. It is presently being talked about and constructed. Why would this be the case when there is no temple presently built? Could it be that the Israeli government may know something is going to happen with the rebuilding of the Temple and they want to preemptively make it easier for tourists and others to get to the newly constructed Temple on the Temple Mount? If you remember, the Temple must be built for the Antichrist to declare his deity. It is also where Jesus will one day be enthroned! Dear friends, this surely seems to be another hidden sign. Proverbs 2:11 says, “Discretion will protect you, and understanding will guard you.” Continue to spend time with your Father. Have faith like a child. As you do, God will teach you how to find discretion and understanding. Followers of Jesus should take note of these things as we await our coming King.

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