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How to Keep Revival: Daily Desire the "Well Done"

by David Chadwick As we wrap up this week’s focus on how to keep revival fires burning in our personal lives, remember the importance of the “daily” decisions. In a society that idolizes the big, the glamorous, the tantalizing moments, many of God’s treasures lie in secret and hidden places. Think about the pearl of great price (Matthew 13:45-46). Or the parable of the hidden treasure (Matthew 13:44). Proverbs 25:2 says, “It is the glory of God to conceal things, but the glory of kings is to search things out.” Learn to seek out the daily, small, quiet disciplines that allow revival to burn continually. Daily desire to hear, “Well done.” At the end of our lives, we will all face Jesus. What will he say to us? Jesus promised to those who have loved and served him faithfully, we will hear, “Well done, my good and faithful servant” (Matthew 25:21). We all desire affirmation from superiors (coaches, bosses, parents, etc) for a job well done. Is this your greatest desire? To hear the Lord Jesus say this to you when you meet him one day face to face? We don’t know when Jesus will return (Matthew 24:36). But when he does, we should desire to have him find us DOING what he has commanded us to do. Sharing our faith. Serving the needy. Caring for our families. The dictionary defines “revival” as “coming back to life” or “the restoration of force, validity, or effect to something.” Dear friend, may I be frank with you for a moment? If you will make the daily decisions to keep the fire alive, you won’t always have to search for ways to make it come back to life. If you don’t let something completely lose its force, validity, or effect, you won’t always have to restore it. I believe with all of my heart that God longs to see the church, the bride of Christ, not only experience revival but come out of this season with tools to maintain revival. A church who walks in conviction, power, purity, and who knows how to remain daily connected to Jesus. If the “Well done” from Jesus is your master passion, it will keep your revival fires daily glowing in your heart as you wait for his imminent return.

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