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Minister the Opposite

Most all of us are familiar with the old adage “opposites attract.”  Did you know you can fight the evil one’s attacks by using opposites against him?  Learn to hit Satan with the counterpunch of what he’s using against you. In the Bible, we read of different kinds of spirits afflicting humans.  Spirits of fear, lying, pride, and control.  If you recognize any of these spirits operating in your world, here is wise counsel: Minister the opposite.  Find the opposite of these spirits and confront them. For example, if you feel like someone in your life has a controlling spirit, remove yourself from his or her presence.  That person will become infuriated when he or she can’t control you.  Surrender this person to the Lord.  Put your life totally in his hands.  It’s the best way to defeat a controlling spirit. If someone in your life has the spirit of pride, minister humility.  Practice personal confession.  Refuse bitterness.  Refuse to retaliate in the way you were attacked.  Walk humbly with your God (Micah 6:8).  Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord (James 4:6). If someone has a lying spirit, humbly speak the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15).  Make sure grace saturates your words.  Lying spirits hate the bright light of truth.  When we speak truth, they flee.  They have to. If you suspect fear has invaded your heart, minister the opposite.  Feed your heart with faith.  Seek first God’s kingdom (Matthew 6:33).  Memorize God’s Word and speak faith-filled verses to your mind all day long.  Concentrate on what is good, honorable, pure, and just (Phillipians 4:8). Give the counterpunch of using the opposite action to fight the evil one's ways and spirits.  Live out humility, forgiveness, truth, and faith.  Satan’s spirits cannot survive being in the presence of someone living fully in God’s grace and glory. Minister the opposite.  Walk in the light. And watch the enemy’s hordes flee in disarray.

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