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Ponder the Prepositions

Ponder the Prepositions Someone once said that anxiety doesn’t address tomorrow’s troubles.  Rather, it takes away today’s peace.  How true this statement is! But you don’t need to feel hopeless amid your anxieties.  Instead, ponder the prepositions. As you read God’s Word, look at the biblical prepositions that reflect God’s promises.  You will find a potent faith perspective that forces anxiety to flee. God is with you.  He’s with you every second of every day.  God plus you is always a majority in your battles – no matter how large, strong, or many your foes may be.  He is with you. He is in you.  Jesus is in us.  We rule with him in all his power over every life circumstance.  He lives in our hearts.  He goes before you.  At every point in life, before we take the next step, Jesus is already there waiting for us.  Even in our tomorrows!  No matter where we may go, Jesus has gone before us. He is behind you.  God promises to be our rear guard, to protect us from what we can’t see or know about.  He has our backs in every way, every day. God is for you.  He is on your side in your battles against the enemy.  He wants your life to be filled with Jesus’s power.  If God is for you, who can be against you? He is over you.  God is on his throne so he can watch over you.  He knows everything that is happening to you right now.  He is watching over you. He wants to work through you.  If you give your life away, care for others, and let God’s life flow through you, then your own darkness and gloom will lift.  Let him work through you. God surrounds you.  Like fans urging athletes to victory, there are witnesses surrounding you as you run the race of faith in this life.  A faithful army surrounds you.   Ponder these prepositions about God!   When you do, your faith will flourish and your worry will wither.

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