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Promises That Last Forever: In Sickness and In Health

Traditional marriage vows are full of covenantal vows. A Christian marriage union, while not perfect, is a beautiful display of the love between Jesus and the church. A marriage is rooted in a binding promise and agreement between two people, much like Jesus has with us. “In plenty and in want.” “In joy and in sorrow.” “In sickness and in health.” Yes, every marriage has both: times when your beloved is in great health and times when he/she is sick. No matter what your health condition may be, you honor your covenant vow. You stick by your beloved. For over a decade, I watched my Dad care for my Mom as her mind slipped into the darkness of dementia. At times, I would ask him if he was ever discouraged, frustrated, or angry. He would always say, “No, and I made a vow to her.” As he cared for Mom, his love for her only increased. And he gave glory to the one who created mom and marriage for him. If you find yourself caring for your spouse in vulnerable times, your love will increase, too. Remember the Gospel of Jesus. He loved us first (1 John 4:10). While we were still sinners, he died for us (Romans 5:8). He chased down the one lost sheep to save it, as he does us as well (Luke 15:3-7). The only way you can truly love others is by encountering the radical love of Jesus. It changes you and gives you the grace and strength needed to love others in spite of changing feelings and circumstances. As you allow covenant vows to define your marriage, you’ll understand the love of Jesus like never before.

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