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Reading the Signs of the Times: A United European Empire

Our Reading the Signs of the Times series has been inspired by my friend and author Steve Miller. Steve’s book, "Foreshadows: 12 Megaclues That Jesus' Return Is Nearer Than Ever," shares greater detail on topics included in this series. We are on a road trip, exploring the signs of the times as we await the return of Jesus. A United European Empire is one of those signs. A political and economic union made up of 27 countries primarily in Europe officially formed the European Union in 1993, believing these nations were stronger together than apart. They share similar economic, security, social and political policies. 2,500 years ago Daniel prophesied that in the end there would be a reformation of the old Roman Empire (Daniel 2, Daniel 7). From this coalition would come one who would be given the ability to control all, the Antichrist (Daniel 7:7-8, Revelation 13:7). Is the present-day EU the reconstructed old Roman Empire? Has the foundation of nations now been laid for the Antichrist to reveal himself to the world? As we continue to see more and more signs indicating Jesus is coming back, please hold fast to hope. Do not despair. One day, Jesus’s kingdom will usurp and replace the kingdom of the Antichrist (Daniel 7:26-27). And Jesus's kingdom will reign forever and ever.

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