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Remembering God's Miracles: The Parting of the Red Sea

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

As you read the Old Testament, you may be struck by the numerous references to the parting of the Red Sea.  This miracle masterpiece is recorded in Exodus 14. After God’s chosen left Egypt, they were staring at the Red Sea before them.  Its powerful waves were crashing on the shore.  There was an expansive desert on one side and a large mountain range on the other.  From behind, the people noticed clouds of dust rising upward.  Angry and vengeful Egyptians were pursuing them.  What possibly could be done to save them?  They appeared to be trapped with no way out. Moses knew the answer.  God told him what to do. Obediently, Moses stretched out his arm, and exhorted God’s people to behold the deliverance of the Lord.  The waves began to recede.  The sea parted, and two mountainous walls of seawater formed, leaving an open path for the people to take. The Israelites walked between the two walls and safely passed through the Red Sea on dry ground.  The Red Sea’s parting was one miracle.  The dry ground was the other one. But there’s more to the story.  There was another act to the drama. The Egyptians attempted to pursue God’s people between the walls of the water.  But after the Israelites had made their way through, the walls of water collapsed on the Egyptians and they were drowned.   In contrast, God’s people were saved.  They had been brought out of slavery, and now a new life and calling had begun for them.  The parting of the Red Sea stands out as one of the greatest acts of deliverance God performed in the Old Testament.  It was God’s provision for his people in their greatest time of need. And God didn’t want his chosen to ever forget this mighty miracle.  Repeatedly, the Old Testament writers exhorted their readers to remember this event.  David wrote about this miracle (Psalm 136:13), as did Isaiah (51:10).  Rahab remembered the parting of the Red Sea 40 years later as she turned against Jericho to help the spies (Joshua 2:10). All Christians need to remember what happened at the Red Sea.  This miracle masterpiece should be solidly embedded in our memory banks.  As we are reminded of what God did for the Israelites, our faith is fueled.  We can rest assured that if God did this for his chosen people, then he can deliver us today as well. As evidenced at the Red Sea, our worries are not beyond the reach of God’s mighty hand and outstretched arm.  He loves his children, and will intervene for us in times of need. Don’t be anxious!  God’s got this!

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