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Revival: Children Often Lead the Way

by Marilynn Chadwick A revival known as the “Children’s Prayer Revival” was ignited around December 28, 1707. The location was near the border of Poland and Czechia in an area where evangelical worship had been outlawed. Boys and girls, ages 4-14, assembled in the open fields outside the town to pray. They would sing hymns, read Psalms, and close with a blessing. Church leaders were furious that prayer was taking place outside the church building, yet it was as if nothing could stop these children from assembling to pray. One father, concerned about his children defying the church and governmental authorities, tried to lock his son and daughter in their rooms. Yet when he heard that they intended to leap out their window to assemble for prayer, he conceded and permitted them to go (as recounted by various revival historians). The Children’s Prayer Revival spread and before long the adults joined with the children. When adults witnessed the children singing and praying, it “melted them to tears.” The children’s gatherings often numbered between 300 to 1,000. A city guard was sent with a whip to disperse the children. But when he saw them praying, he was so moved by what he witnessed that he could not do it. We have witnessed firsthand this same boldness among children while traveling to India. Just as the Children’s Prayer Revival became the catalyst for more revival, children in India today are bringing entire families to Christ and leading the way for the explosive expansion of the Gospel. As you reflect on the powerful role of children in revival, watch this short 5-minute video (scroll to “Monika’s Story”). Mission India is one of our MOHC global partners. Pray for the work of Children’s Bible Clubs as they spread the Gospel throughout India. Children are a vital part of our church’s prayer, worship, and ministry. Let’s ask God to give us the bold courage of those with childlike faith.

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