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Sprint to the Other End of the Court!

My college basketball coach, Dean Smith, had a rule he implemented from day one. At the end of the game, holding a lead and being fouled by the opposition to shoot free throws, he would repeatedly say to us, “Sprint to the other end of the court!”

Why would he do this? He wanted our energy level to say to our opponent, “We aren’t tired. We will win this game!”

This “sprinting” mentality should be the attitude of all Christians toward the enemy of our soul, the devil. No matter what happens to us, we keep sprinting forward. No matter what our age or what stage our life’s game is in.

With our eyes fixed on the author and finisher of our faith - Jesus our Savior - who awaits us at the finish line (Hebrews 12:2), we sprint. We run, with every ounce of energy in us, toward Jesus.

If you are going through a season of weariness, don’t let Satan know. Keep him confused. Keep running hard! Show the devil that you know the true race has already been won.

Jesus was raised from the dead! Death is defeated. Eternity is yours. The enemy has been beaten! Forever!

Keep sprinting! Why?

Because he who lives in us is greater than he who lives in the world (1 John 4:4).

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