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The Importance of God’s Word: Jesus Believed the Word to be True

by David Chadwick The full armor of God must be put on each and every day as we face the wiles and tactics of the enemy. As we learn to guard ourselves, we discipline ourselves to walk in greater measures of wholeness as we are transformed more and more into the image and likeness of Jesus (2 Corinthians 3:18). Jesus believed the Bible to be true. Is Jesus God? He claimed to be in John 14:6 and many other places. Either he is a liar, a crazy person, or he really is the way, the truth and the life! If Jesus is, in fact, God – and the Resurrection proves it – then we must take note of the things he said. He constantly used the Word of God in his teachings, quoting from the Old Testament often. He swung the sword of the Spirit in his own life to defeat his opponents (see Matthew 23), predict his death and resurrection and defeat Satan himself from tempting him. And here is a simple syllogism. If Jesus is God, and he quoted the Old Testament constantly to defeat his enemies, then a) the bible must be God’s Word and b) we too should use it to defeat the spiritual enemies who attack us. Also, please consider this reality. Jesus must have learned and memorized God’s Word as a child because he was able to quote God’s truths when needed. Think about the intentionality of Mary and Joseph to raise him up with an awareness of the Holy Scriptures. It is so important for parents to teach your kids to memorize God’s Word. And, finally, if Jesus needed to use the Word of God in his life as God’s Son in human flesh, how much more should we need to know it and use it? God’s Word is true! Wield it in this godless culture! And choose to walk in confidence that the truth that comes from the Word of God sets captives free! If someone says to you, “I don’t believe the Bible is true,” simply respond, “Well, I do!” Then use it against the devil’s constant accusations, lies, and slander against you. I pray this week has given you more confidence to believe in God's Word. But, more importantly, to use it in your constant battle against the enemy. He doesn’t relent in his desire to kill, steal, and destroy your life. You must be equally resistant to use, quote, and believe God’s Word in the fight. After all, the battle belongs to the Lord. Jesus has won the victory. And we fight from this victory, not for victory in everything we face. In Jesus’s mighty name…Amen!

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