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The Marks of a Christian - Weep with Those Who Weep

If you are a follower of Jesus, your life should have outward marks that reflect your inward convictions. These marks signify that you live your life in a way that imitates Christ. Weeping with those who weep is another distinguishing mark of a Christian (Romans 12:15).        This type of weeping describes empathy - being able to feel the pain of others. Experiencing their hurt, loss, and sorrow as they do. Empathy is also our pathway to progress in relationships. When we make a sincere effort to walk in others’ shoes, to understand their complicated feelings, a beautiful gift emerges – a lifetime bond. One that cannot be broken. The one who is hurting says, “You really do understand.” And we must compassionately comfort those who are hurting. Something that’s never accomplished through pontificating - though Job’s friends wrongly attempted to do just that. And when they did, it angered God and he dealt with them accordingly (Job 42:7-9). When we weep with those who weep, we don’t need to understand why. It’s not our place. It’s to be revealed only by God, if He chooses to do so. When others are hurting, let’s sit with them.  Feel what they feel.  And weep with them.  And, often, never say a word.   Our visible presence speaks loudly enough about how much we care.

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