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8 Great Ways to Honor Your Wife: Be a Man of God

A toolbox packed full of different tools gives someone the confidence to step into a variety of situations and bring a solution. If you only have a “hammer” and you find a situation that needs a “screwdriver,” you will not get very far. Over the next two weeks, we are exploring 8 Great Ways to Honor Your Wife. I want to give you, husbands, tools to strengthen your marriage. My prayer is that God strengthens your marriage as you put these “8 Greats” into practice in your home. Today’s tool: be a man of God! This is an absolute must for all husbands. You are to be an earthly example of Jesus to your bride. True biblical manhood is a blend of tough and tender. In the Bible, David is referred to as a man after God’s own heart. A humble worshiper and a valiant warrior. A beloved shepherd and a giant slayer. As you strengthen your relationship with Jesus, growing in your biblical manhood, your wife will trust you more and more. Your daily pursuit of God will bring honor to her. She will want to honor you as you honor Jesus. In turn, your marriage will bring honor to the Lord. When a husband’s faith is lived out in the home as a humble worshiper, a forgiven forgiver, and a strong leader with bridled power (Galatians 5:25), the wife will experience the blessing of his pursuit of Jesus. A wife can easily appreciate and honor a husband who lives under the control of the Holy Spirit, who crucifies the lusts of the flesh, who is self-controlled, and who lives a disciplined life. This is also so important in seeing a man and a woman become one.

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