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Always Be Ready: Blessings at Burger King

I was in a hurry and needed to grab lunch before my next meeting. I passed a Burger King on a nearby corner. I had been trying to avoid fried foods and hadn’t eaten fast-food in ages. Well, nothing like a Whopper and a Diet Coke! I got my order and pulled over to a shady area to quickly eat the burger before my meeting. That’s when I saw her. A nicely dressed older woman shuffling slowly along the sidewalk pushing her chair. It wasn’t a wheelchair exactly—more of a combination walker/chair with small wheels. She slowly made her way into the parking lot and settled under the shade of a nearby tree. She got comfortable in her spot and began reading a book. I quickly downed the rest of my Whopper. But as I was preparing to leave, I glanced over at the woman. The thought quietly came to me—I wonder if she’s hungry? I sensed the Lord’s nudge. “Give her the $20 bill in your wallet.” Cars were whizzing by in the drive thru line. How could I get to her? I prayed, “Lord, if you want me to give her this $20, you’ll have to calm this traffic down. Suddenly there was a lull. I had a clear path, so I hopped out of my car and walked over to where the woman was seated. I didn’t want to embarrass her. But I needn’t have worried when I saw her calm dignity and alert smile. “Maybe you can use this for a meal,” I said quietly, handing her the $20 and pausing to look into her eyes. “I think the Lord just whispered to me to give it to you,” I kind of shrugged and smiled...then pointed heavenward. “Oh yes,” she smiled back. “I know how God works. And I know all about listening to His voice.” Then she sort of winked. “And trust me” she added, “I know faith makes things happen.” My window was still rolled down as I slowly drove out of the parking lot. Suddenly, I overheard her strong voice in prayer, “Father God, I knew You would come through for me. I just KNEW You could do this. Thank you, Father God! Thank you!” She didn’t know I heard her prayer, or that I saw her raise her hands and tap her feet in childlike praise. This moment was between her and the Lord. I was just thankful to be an eavesdropper on their conversation. And I’ll always remember the unexpectedly beautiful moment that blessed us both at Burger King. A few ways to “always be ready:”

  • Become familiar with the Lord’s voice through prayer and reading His Word.

  • When the Holy Spirit speaks, follow His prompting. Pray for guidance.

  • Be prepared with cash or gift cards to use as the Lord nudges you.

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