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Courage in Culture: Remember Who Your True Boss Is

by David Chadwick Always remember who your true boss is! It’s the next principle I want to give you to have courage in culture! In a world that wants you to compromise your convictions, at the end of the day, remember that your life is yielded to Christ and Christ alone. And one day you will be held accountable for your life to him and him alone. It is important to know what you believe before facing a situation where you must stand. You must know the truth and be able to speak it in love. Expect resistance and pray for your enemies. Know that there is no age limit to stand courageously and approach every situation between your feet as a mission field. Then, remember God is your boss! “God is my true boss!” is a whisper you should speak to yourself all day long. “I am answerable to him alone.” Your desire must be to please him at all costs. No matter what your earthly boss may tell you to do, if it contradicts what your heavenly boss says, you must choose to obey God, not man. Look at Daniel. Notice how he was willing to stand up against the most powerful man in the world, King Nebuchadnezzar. He was able to do this because he knew that his true boss in heaven was the one to whom he was most accountable. That conviction allowed him to be faithful to God no matter what. Note too that even when he was thrown into the lion’s den, God was with him. Protecting and overseeing him. He will do the same for you as well. If standing for truth costs you your job, so be it! If you get canceled by cancel culture, celebrate it! The pupil is not above the teacher (Matthew 10:24). If it happened to Jesus, and we are his followers, we should expect it to happen to us from time to time. Jesus said it would. And always remember this great truth: When you stand for truth, your reward in heaven from your true Boss will be great!

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