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Davidisms - Boats Weren't Made to Stay in the Harbor

Boats aren’t built to merely drift in a harbor. Stagnate. Floating around in calm waters. Instead, boats are built to go out into the sea. A sea that at times can be turbulent. At other times, tranquil. Does this sound like your life as a Christ follower? It should! Consider why boats are constructed to be strong and durable. They’re engineered this way in order to withstand the water - especially turbulent waves. Dangerous storms. Severe lightning strikes. The strongest boats of all are able to survive a hurricane. Why? Because it’s only in the waves that the boat is tested. When the purpose of the boat is fulfilled. The same is true for us as followers of Jesus (James 1:2-4). It’s only in the trials that faith is tested and seen as strong. Here’s the point: You weren’t made to play life safe. To stay in the harbor. You were made for the sea! For so much more! For that which can’t be found without venturing into the unknown. God’s purpose for you is in the world. And while it may include stormy seasons - it’s in and after the storms where life’s true meaning is found! Boats aren’t built to stay in the harbor.

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