• David Chadwick

Davidisms - Don't Ever Take a Fence Down Until You Realize Why It was First Put Up

If you own a dog, you likely have a fence in your backyard. What do you think your dog would do if you removed the fence? Run carefree and carelessly. That’s the point British author and philosopher G.K. Chesterton was making when he said, “Don’t ever take a fence down until you realize why it was first put up.” It’s a message to our nation. Before we change values and principles that generations before us put in place, we need to find out why they put them there in the first place. There was a reason they were first put up - most likely to guard and protect us from destructive forces. We are to pass down God’s principles from generation to generation (Psalm 78:1-4). They were given by God to those before us with the purpose of bringing health to us and our culture. We must use our God-given wisdom - proceeding with caution - before we claim certain principles are no longer useful today. Fences are put in place for a reason. To protect. Guard. And to give life to a generation. And generations to come.

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