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Davidisms: Don't Retire, Refire!

Don’t retire. Refire!

Are you aware that nowhere in the teachings of Jesus are Christ-followers told to retire? Never! That directive does not exist. And the only place retirement is mentioned in the Old Testament is the Levites at 50 years of age. But even then they still took turns in Temple service.

Jesus’s call on the lives of his followers is for us to be faithful to the end. To work for him until our last breath, or he comes again.

Consider the life of Caleb. At the age of 85 he finally entered the Promised Land after a 45-year wait (Joshua 14:10). Did he retire? Take a respite? No!

In fact, Caleb asked for the hill country where the largest giants lived. The hardest place to conquer! Why? Because Caleb knew God would give him the necessary strength - no matter what the situation (Joshua 14:6-15). No matter how old he was.

If you are in the later years of life, finish strong! Fulfill a ministry dream. Find a new place where you can serve. Wherever you may be, there are always people in need nearby. Therefore, you can serve Jesus by serving them, no matter how old you may be.

Age is just a number. Caleb in the Bible understood it. Do you?

Don’t retire. Just refire!

For God’s glory alone.

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