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Davidisms - Is Life Hills and Valleys or Train Tracks?

Some people view their lives as a series of hills and valleys. Some days are great, while other days are just awful. And while this is somewhat true, I’ve learned to see life differently. I’ve discovered life to be much more like train tracks. Joy and sorrow coexisting at the same time. Picture it. You’re standing on a train track with each foot on a parallel rail. Now take a moment to consider your current circumstances. I bet you can easily call to mind something that’s bringing you much joy. And something else that’s bringing you pain. Perhaps it’s why Paul adjured his readers to rejoice in their tribulations (Rom. 5:3-5). As did James (James 1:2-4). They had already experienced trouble first-hand. But they also knew steadfast joy and peace from within - no matter their circumstances - can coexist with sorrow. When we share in Jesus’s sufferings while simultaneously experiencing his resurrection power, we are living life with him and in him (Phil. 3:10) With no surprises. And enjoying life to the full. It’s then we can rightly answer the question: Is life hills and valleys or train tracks? In my experience, I’d choose train tracks.

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