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  • David Chadwick

Davidisms: People Generally Don't Care What You Know, Until They Know That You Care

Words are easy. Anyone can say anything at any time, as evidenced through this social media driven culture in which we live.

But it’s our actions that mean the most. They truly define what we feel.

That’s why the Bible adjures us to “bear one another’s burdens” (Galatians 6:2). To “not grow weary of doing good” (Galatians 6:9). Jesus said to love your neighbor like you love yourself (Mark 12:31).

People express that they really care for you through their words, actions, and deeds. When others express empathy and compassion for you, it’s in that moment that you begin to want to know what they think - about a multitude of different subjects.

Don’t tell me what you believe, until you want to be involved in my life.

Because people generally don’t care what you know, until they know that you care.

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