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Davidisms: Point to the Person Who Gave You the Pass

It was a mandate from my college coach, Dean Smith, to his players: Point to the person who gave you the pass.

It wasn’t optional. When you scored a basket, you had to point to the person who gave you the pass. If you didn’t, you were yanked from the game and found yourself sitting next to him on the bench.

Coach Smith knew that fans tend to admire the one who makes the basket. Scores the points. Receives applause. So Coach wanted to make sure that the one who gave up the pass - who sacrificed for another’s success - was noted by the one who scored. And all those watching in the stands, on television and online.

Make sure you do the same. Thank those who have helped you. Encourage those around you (1 Thessalonians 5:11).

Positive words lift people up. It’s like pointing to the person who gives you the pass. You and others are noted. Encouraged.

The team is stronger.

And life is lived as God intended.

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