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Davidisms: The Closer Two People Get the More They Bump

My dad was a wise observer of relationships and love. He taught me many valuable lessons about both. One of which I’ve reflected on over and over again throughout my 40+ year marriage to Marilynn.

It’s this: The closer two people get, the more they bump.

“Bumping” is typically the source of friction, tension and conflict within a marriage. But here’s the lesson. It doesn’t have to be! My dad noticed how to use the bumps for enlightenment. Understanding. Insight.

When a couple explores the underlying reason for the bumps, clashes become opportunities for closeness. Bumps become opportunities for new growth. Deeper understanding. Empathetic compassion.

Each time bumps are removed from a marriage, two individuals grow closer as a couple. More intimate. The two are truly becoming one, the goal of all marriages (Genesis 2:24).

In this way, God’s way, the bumps become springboards for a positive, healthier marriage.

And can be celebrated!

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