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Davidisms: Truly, Truly I Say to You

Throughout the New Testament, but especially in the gospel of John, Jesus frequently repeats these words: “Truly, truly I say to you.” John 1:51 is the first recording of Jesus speaking these words. He does so 23 more times in the gospel of John alone. And dozens more in the other gospels.

Why these specific words?

Because Jesus wanted his listeners - and us today, as we read God’s Word - to know that he’s getting ready to say something significant. Monumental. Paramount.

Imagine a coach, teacher or parent saying, “Listen up! Attention, please! You need to hear what I’m about to say!”

As you read God’s Word and see Jesus say, “Truly, truly I say to you,” stop and read the next words slowly. Carefully. Then listen to what he may want to say to you.

Truly, truly (insert your name here) I say to you.” Now let Jesus direct you in significant situations. He wants to help you.

Listen to Jesus. Understand. Follow. Obey.

It’s truly, truly important you do so!

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