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Davidisms: Use the 5-year Parenting Plan

What exactly is the 5-year parenting plan?

It’s what Marilynn and I committed to follow with all three of our children. We’ve never regretted our decision. Not once.

Here’s the plan: When you are struggling, and must choose between attending a work event or your kid’s event, ask yourself two questions.

Five years from now, will your coworkers remember if you were at a particular meeting?

Five years from now, will your kids remember if you were at their event?

Hardly anyone - if anyone at all - will remember your presence at a meeting. But your kids will most definitely remember your presence at their event.

Children are a gift from the Lord (Psalm 127:3). Treat them as such! Be there in their special moments.

You’ll never forget being there for them.

But even more importantly, your kids will never forget that you were there!

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