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Defeat the Spirit of Fear

Jesus didn’t walk in fear.  And if his life abides in us, we cannot walk in fear either.  When we are rightly connected to Jesus, fear should flee from our hearts. There are many understandings of the “spirit of fear.”  Some scholars believe it could be referring to demonic agencies or foes who want to destroy people - demonic hordes who possessed and oppressed people in Jesus’s day.  They are still at work over 2,000 years later. Some Christians connect this “spirit of fear” to what Paul was warning Christians about in Ephesians 6:12 - that we are not warring against flesh and blood, but against the powers and principalities of the darkness. What does this mean?  It means our war is not against people who are angry, people who are fearful, and people who hate.  Our war is against the enemy himself who is behind the scenes giving people emotions - of fear, hate, and anger - who act on their feelings to do Satan’s bidding. We need to realize that the enemy of our soul is the one who we are really fighting against.  His demonic agencies that are trying to kill, steal, and destroy - they are our true enemies. These demons, overseen by the evil one, work tirelessly to weaken and discourage us through a number of schemes.  COVID-19.  Racism.  Murder.  Hatred.  Strife.  All of these are from the enemy to create fear and anxiety in God’s people. That’s why Christians must be ready for spiritual warfare.  You can’t fight a rattlesnake with a water gun.  Nor can you fight a spiritual enemy with carnal weapons.  More is needed.  God’s power must be used. You must use prayer.  Faith.  Worship.  Fasting.  Casting all your cares on the loving Father in heaven. That’s how Jesus dealt with the demons, and so must we. Over the next few days, we will explore more in-depth the reality of spiritual warfare and the spiritual weaponry we must use to do battle.  To thwart evil.  To win the war. And to finally and forever defeat the spirit of fear.

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