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Hidden Heroes: Naomi, Faithful in Small Decisions

by David Chadwick

Naomi. Today’s hidden hero and a woman of tremendous significance. Most people know the story of Ruth, but sometimes Naomi’s heroic attributes can be overlooked.

Her story is found in the book of Ruth.

Naomi was a Jew who married Elimelech. During a great famine in Israel, she and her family went to Moab. While there, their two sons married two Moabite women: Ruth and Orpah. And remember: Israel and Moab were enemies.

Elimelech and the two sons ended up dying in Moab because of the harsh conditions. Naomi, uncertain of what to do, finally decided to return to her homeland. She told her two daughters-in-law that they should leave and return to their families. Orpah decided to remain in Moab. But Ruth, in a moving scene of utter devotion, said that wherever Naomi went, she would go!

The two women returned to Israel, destitute and poor. Helpless and hopeless. Naomi devised a plan for Ruth to go work for a relative of Elimelech named Boaz. In a beautiful love story, Boaz ends up falling in love with Ruth and they have a son.

Why is this so significant to me? Why call Naomi a hero? Because she had a very hard life. The odds were against her and she had every reason to give up and not contend for a breakthrough for her and her future lineage.

But she didn’t give up!

She trusted God with the faith of a mustard seed and chose to take one baby step of faith by returning to Israel. I’m sure she couldn’t see past that one courageous decision. One step of faith turned into another. She mustered up more strength to care for Ruth. And then to believe there was still a future and a hope for her and her family.

By the end of this story, Naomi is bouncing a baby on her knee who will end up carrying a lineage of people through whom King David and Jesus are born!

Friends, be faithful in the small decisions. Don’t give up when trouble hits! Eventually, your series of faithful decisions will lead to God’s perfect plan and providence taking place–yes, even amidst the brokenness of this world!

Your simple “yes” to God may be the heroic action that God uses to change history!

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