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Hidden Signs of Jesus' Return: Ethiopian Jews Returned to the Homeland

Our Hidden Signs of Jesus’ Return series has been inspired by “End Times Made Easy" by Joseph Morris. He shares his perspective on the topics included in this series if you would like to explore further. This hidden sign of Jesus’ return has to do with Ethiopian Jews returning to their homeland of Israel. For years, Jews have been dispersed to Cush. In 586 BC when the Babylonians destroyed Jerusalem. And in 70 AC when the Romans did the same thing. In 1991, something phenomenal happened. The Israeli military pulled off a covert mission called Operation Solomon, where they airlifted Ethiopian Jews to Israel in 36 hours. It was quite the rescue mission. Zephaniah 3:10 prophesied, “From beyond the rivers of Cush my worshipers, the daughter of my dispersed ones, shall bring my offering.” Did you know that Cush is present day Ethiopia? This prophecy said that there would be a massive return to Israel from Jews living in Cush. This has indeed happened! Tens of thousands of Ethiopian Jews have returned to the Promised Land over the last years. It’s yet another hidden sign that needs to be noted and observed. Jesus is coming back, dear friends. We do not know the day nor the hour, but we do know he is coming. As we measure the intensity and frequency of the signs, we should rejoice with great anticipation. Worship. Pray. Spend time in His Word. Rejoice. Our God is coming with vengeance. He is coming to save us (Isaiah 35:4).

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