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Hope for the New Year - Double For Your Trouble

“Instead of your shame there shall be a double portion; instead of dishonor they shall rejoice in their lot; therefore in their land they shall possess a double portion; they shall have everlasting joy” (Isaiah 61:7).

The prophet Isaiah revealed God’s promise to double the Israelites’ portion of what they’d previously lost. This promise came to them while they were still in Babylonian captivity.

God repeated the same promise to the prophet Zechariah (Zechariah 9:12). God intended, once again, to restore double to the Israelites as they returned to their Promised Land.

How does this promise hold true for us today?

As we trust in the Lord, we can believe with confidence and assuredness that God will restore double for anything we have experienced.

Where there has been dishonor, God says you will rejoice in your inheritance!

Where there has been shame, God says you will possess a double portion and everlasting joy!

God upheld the same promise to Job after his trials (Job 42:10). He restored double to Job for everything that was lost!

Would you step out in faith and believe this today? In the aftermath of loss, would you choose to believe that God is still good and waiting to restore? Two times what you lost?

Somehow. Some way. He will give you double for your trouble.

Believe and trust in the goodness of God today and forever.

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