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Proofs of the Resurrection: Produce a Body and Christianity Dies

There are many proofs of the Resurrection. Proofs give evidence to the reality of something. I want you to walk in confidence that Jesus is God and is our risen Savior. Here is a significant proof to examine. Produce a body and Christianity dies. What do I mean by this? Well, it’s pretty simple. If anyone could produce a dead body of Jesus, the game's over. Finished. Movement stopped. That is all it would have taken to crush the so-called “bogus lie” of Jesus’s deity. One person could have stopped Christianity immediately by producing a body. The Christian faith is based entirely on the fact that Jesus’s earthly body was raised from the dead. The Jews and Romans concocted a story that Jesus’s disciples had come and stolen the body. But how? The tomb was sealed with a Roman seal. It could not be broken. There were Roman guards surrounding the burial place, knowing that the disciples might try to go and do something like this. They ruthlessly guarded the body knowing that if the body were to go missing, they would experience death on a cross like the dead prisoner within the tomb. And these were crack Roman guards. Their entire job training was to do this very job! Yet… the stone is removed. The body is gone. How did the disciples elude the Roman guards? Break the seal? Move the stone? The authorities never could produce a body. This one thing would have stopped the movement of Christianity, but it never happened. Why? This proof has to make you pause. Reflect. Wonder. Could the message of Jesus actually be true? Is Jesus really God? Why could no one produce a body? Because that body was raised from the dead! Jesus is alive and has a new resurrection body. We, too, will receive a resurrection body one day. Celebrate, dear friends! Jesus is alive! And Lord over all! If you have enjoyed this series and would like to hear David's full teaching on the 10 Proofs of the Resurrection of Jesus, please visit

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