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The Importance of God's Word: Archaeological Evidence Supports It

by David Chadwick We are taking time this week to deeply examine the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. This part of the full armor of God is the only offensive piece of armor. It is so important to believe in its absolute authority while also understanding how to use it against the enemy’s lies. God’s Word is important because it is the only offensive weapon against the enemy’s schemes. But there are also practical reasons why God’s Word is important. Why can we trust it? Are there reasons to believe in its authority? We saw yesterday that there is overwhelming manuscript evidence pointing to both its importance and veracity. There is also archaeological evidence that supports it. Did you know that archaeology was a scientific discipline founded in the mid 1800s? More than anything else, its primary purpose was to either prove or disprove the Bible. Suffice it to say, after all these years, there is nothing that archaeology has discovered that disproves one biblical teaching. In fact, it’s just the opposite. What has been discovered supports the biblical narrative. New evidence is constantly being found to continue to support the historical accuracy of God’s Word. We know that God calls us to live by faith. As you remember, the shield of faith is part of the full armor of God. But sometimes faith has concrete reasons to support the belief. That is the case here. The scientific research of archaeology supports the biblical narrative. This reality should help your confidence as you study and obey God’s Word. And then wield it as a powerful offensive weapon against the enemy’s incessant lies.

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