• David Chadwick

The Marks of a Christian - Rejoice in Hope

Does your life have outward marks that reflect your inward convictions? If you are a follower of Jesus, it should. Rejoicing in hope is another mark of a Christian (Romans 12:12a).              It’s important to note two important words here. The first is rejoice. Rejoicing should always be a part of our lives. Why? Because it’s rooted in joy. And joy flows from a heart connected to Jesus, one where He is enthroned. This kind of joy has one essential focus: hope. It believes life’s storms are temporary. It resides in peace throughout the storm. And it believes that when the storm has passed, Jesus’s blessings await.   If the sun comes up in the morning, there is always hope. Jesus can change any situation with one word.  Mourning to dancing.  Beauty from ashes.  Darkness to light.  Despair to hope. Hope should always be on the horizon of every believer’s heart. Live a life filled with joy that focuses on the hope that things can and will change for your good and God’s glory. It’s the mark of a follower of Jesus the world longs to see.

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