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Visit Mt. Moriah

If you’re going to the mountains this fall to enjoy its splendor, do some spiritual mountain-gazing as well. How can you do so?

Go to Mount Moriah. It’s where God told Abraham to go and sacrifice his only beloved son, Isaac (Genesis 22). Why would God ask Abraham to do this heinous act? Abraham had waited 25 years for this promised son. He was now a teenager and the love of his life.

The answer is given to us in Genesis 22:1. God was using this command to test Abraham’s faith. God wanted to know if he was still the primary passion of Abraham’s life. Or had Isaac replaced God’s place of primacy?

When you visit Mt. Moriah, God tests your faith as well. Tests determine whether we know the information. And here is the one question God wants to pose: Does he possess first position in your heart?

How would you answer? Is Jesus first in your life?

It’s a very important question we all must answer. It’s a test God wants you to pass with flying colors.

Will you?

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