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You'll Never Be Happy with a Baby Until You're Happy Without One

My wife Marilynn and I went through about four years of infertility. Over time, we became a bit discouraged, and were experiencing times of unhappiness during the waiting.

One weekend when we went to the beach for a vacation, I felt the Lord speak to my heart. He wanted me to share with Marilynn that she would never be happy with a baby until she was happy without one.

So, I shared that with her. She heard and respected my counsel, then went for a long walk on the beach.

During that walk, Marilynn dug a hole in the sand, and “buried” the baby that we both so desperately wanted. Burying her desire. Putting it in God’s hands. Surrendering it to his timing.

We also learned a lesson in what to do while you are waiting on the Lord for a promise.

When Marilynn and I returned to Charlotte after our vacation, she began serving in a Crisis Pregnancy Center. Counseling young women who had easily become pregnant, yet did not want to have a baby. She served others in their greatest area of need.

And Marilynn did eventually become pregnant. Through a miracle, by God’s grace. We now have three grown children (and nine grandchildren)! They are the joy of our lives. God is faithful.

But the Lord answered our prayer for a baby only after we surrendered the answer to him.

I hope our experience helps you as you wait upon the Lord as well.

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