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A Lying Spirit

King Ahab was a debauched ruler over Israel’s northern kingdom.  He introduced pagan idolatry and religious syncretism to God’s people.  He was one of the Bible’s worst kings. After three years of peace, King Aram was contemplating entering into battle to reclaim an Israelite city.  Before doing so, he sought wisdom through a counsel of godless prophets (1 Kings 22:6).  The prophets conferred and then told the king they were all confident that the battle would be easily won by him. King Ahab wasn’t completely convinced by their prediction, so he decided to seek the counsel of one last prophet, a prophet of the Lord.  He had not initially asked this prophet’s advice because he was fearful the answer would not be what he wanted to hear (22:8).  When the king asked him what to do, the final prophet replied, “Attack and be victorious, for the Lord will give [the battle] into the king’s hand” (22:15).  King Ahab took his advice and proudly marched into battle.  Yet he lost not only the battle but also his life.  The Lord allowed the lie that led to his demise. In the invisible world, God influenced what was happening in the visible world.  The Bible informs us that God allowed a lying spirit to speak through a prophet to persuade Ahab to fight a battle that would cost him his life.  Though God himself can never do evil, he sometimes uses evil agents to accomplish his purposes. Do you presently feel like you are under assault from a demonic force of fear?  Could God be using this spirit of fear in your life to reveal an area of unbelief?  A lack of trust?  Could the purpose of a place of ongoing uncertainty be highlighting that which you have not completely surrendered to him? Remember, God uses all things – including lying spirits – together for his good, for his eternal purposes, and for his glory.  They are mere creatures.  God is the Creator.  They can only do what he permits. We must trust God.  Believe today that he controls all. Because God does!

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