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Courage in Culture: You Just May be Promoted

by David Chadwick We have two more principles to look at for how to stand courageously in culture. You must know your decision before you make it. Walking in truth, you must be able to speak the truth in love. Expect resistance and when it happens, choose to love your enemies. It paves the way for God to use you powerfully as you stand for Jesus. It doesn’t matter your age, your mission field is between your two feet. Your boss is Jesus and you report to him and him alone! So how else do you stand for courage in culture? Stand knowing you just may be promoted! This may sound strange, but in God’s Kingdom, you are lifted up to a place of honor as you humble yourself before his throne, his ways, and his truth (James 4:10). Jesus humbled himself by taking on human flesh, becoming a servant, and dying on a cross. But through this obedience, the Father lifted him up so that every knee shall bow and tongue confess that he is Lord (Philippians 2:5-11). Daniel experienced this. He rose from a teen immigrant to the second most powerful person in the entire Babylonian empire. By being faithful to God in every way, he became a close confidant of King Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel 2) and future kings thereafter. Please note the importance of this principle, though. The promotion happened after Daniel stood up for his faith and for God’s truth. He spoke the truth in love to people of power. He left the results to God. He cared about being truthful and faithful to his God. He was told to bow to false gods and idols. He refused. And God eventually lifted him up. Every day, Daniel worked hard. He worked smart. He was winsome. He got along with others (look at the eunuch over the princes in chapter 1!). He was successful. And his one, true heavenly boss noticed and gave him raises and promotions. More authority and influence. Cancel culture is not always the end result. Sometimes, your decision to be faithful to the Lord in the midst of a secular, hostile environment causes those around you to take note, appreciate you, benefit from your teamwork, value your loyalty, and will, in turn, give you a promotion! Christians then become not Christ against culture, but Christ in culture, salt and light, influencing culture toward God, not vice versa.

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