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Davidisms - A True Friend Wants Your Kids to Succeed

We all need a friend in our lives who is closer than a brother or sister (Prov. 18:24). A friend who will support and encourage us. Help and counsel us. Comfort and warn us. A friend who will love us no matter what happens. How do we discern a friend like that? Here’s one clue: Does this “friend” want your kids to succeed? Does the friend root for your kids’ success? Or, is your supposed “friend” competitive with you? Deeming your kids’ success as a threat to their own kids’ identity? A true friend - one who is indeed closer than a brother or sister - wants you to succeed. And wants your kids to, too. Test a friendship in this way to determine if it’s a true friendship. It’s a surefire way to find out who is really a friend. One who will stick with you for a lifetime. Because a true friend always wants you to succeed. And your kids as well.

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