• David Chadwick

Davidisms - God is God and I Am Not

God is God and I am not God. And most of my problems come when I get those two things confused. It’s a sentence I learned long ago. And I repeat it to myself regularly. I think we all should. God is God. I need to take time simply to be silent before him (Psalm 46:10). Recognize his greatness and sovereign control over everything in my life. And seek to obey his will above all else (Matt. 6:33). Our human tendency is to pry control of our lives out of God’s sovereign hands, and to try to control our lives ourselves. When we do, all kinds of problems happen thereafter. But when we let God control our lives, our problems become smaller. Less anxiety-producing. Try it today. Take some time to be still before the Lord. Open your hands. Give all your problems to him. And refuse to take them back. Let Go. Let God. And feel his peace. For God is God and I am not. And most of my problems come when I get those two things confused.

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